Blum - Catalogue and technical manual 2016/2017

214 Box systems LEGRABOX TANDEMBOX METABOX 3 Minimalistic. Linear. Sleek. Slim. The elegant box system for every living area One programme. Three lines. Many options. TANDEMBOX offers a multitude of design options based on the tried- and-tested cabinet profile Simple. Excellent. Proven. The single walled Box system made from steel offers a number of application options Blum’s box systems offer a wide range of de- sign possibilities and meet the different design demands placed on furniture. They boast a feather-light glide, enhanced ease of use, top quality and beautiful design. ■ BLUMOTION – silent and effortless closing action ■ SERVO-DRIVE – electric opening support, combined with BLUMOTION ■ TIP-ON BLUMOTION – mechanical opening support, combined with BLUMOTION ■ TIP-ON – mechanical opening support, closes with just a light push ■ Comprehensive programme for many op- tions ■ High stability ■ Quality for the lifetime of the furniture Catalogue 2016/2017 • KA-120