Blum - Catalogue and technical manual 2016/2017

24 Lift systems 1 SERVO-DRIVE, the electrical motion support system for bi-fold lift systems, up and over lift systems, lift ups and stay lifts TIP-ON, the mechanical opening support, is avail- able for the lift systems AVENTOS HK, AVENTOS HK-S and AVENTOS HK-XS The symmetrical lift mechanism of AVENTOS HK-XS can be used on one or two sides AVENTOS fittings for lift systems provide ease of use in the wall cabinet area. Even wide lift systems open easily, remain in any desired position and – thanks to BLUMOTION – close silently and effortlessly. ■ Silent and effortless closing thanks to the integrated BLUMOTION ■ Quick, easy assembly and removal due to CLIP technology ■ Easy, 3-dimensional front adjustment ■ Perfectly balanced – fronts remain in any desired position ■ Optimised ergonomic handle position ■ No protruding parts ■ With SERVO-DRIVE, the electrical motion support system for wall cabinets ■ With TIP-ON, the mechanical opening sup- port system for stay lifts ■ New: AVENTOS HK-XS, ideal for small top wall cabinets and for cabinets with low inner depth Catalogue 2016/2017 • KA-120