Blum - Catalogue and technical manual 2016/2017

83.6 308 Box systems ▶ TANDEMBOX antaro ▶▶ Standard cabinet Drawer – M Webcode DQC2QM Space requirement NL Nominal length Order information 1 Cabinet profiles left/ right BLUMOTION Nominal length NL (mm) Dyn. carrying capacity (kg) 30 65 270 578.2701B 300 578.3001B 350 578.3501B 400 578.4001B 450 578.4501B 576.4501B 500 578.5001B 576.5001B 550 578.5501B 576.5501B 600 578.6001B 576.6001B 650 576.6501B For the order specification for TIP-ON, see motion technologies section 2 Left/right drawer sides Nominal length NL (mm) Colour SW | TS | R9006 INGL 270 378M2702SA 378M2702IA 300 378M3002SA 378M3002IA 350 378M3502SA 378M3502IA 400 378M4002SA 378M4002IA 450 378M4502SA 378M4502IA 500 378M5002SA 378M5002IA 550 378M5502SA 378M5502IA 600 378M6002SA 378M6002IA 650 378M6502SA 378M6502IA Incl. cover caps (Can be individually printed – mini- mum order quantity 1000 items) 3 Back fixing left/right Colour Material Part no. SW | TS | R9006 | NI Steel Z30M000S.04 4 Front fixing bracket Fixing method Part no. INSERTA 2 x ZSF.3902 Screw-on 2 x ZSF.3502 Knock-in 2 x ZSF.3602 Colour WGR White grey R7037 RAL 7037 dust grey NI Nickel plated NI-M Matt nickel Colour SW Silk white TS Terra black R9006 RAL 9006 grey (white aluminium) INGL Stainless steel (Inox) Anti-fingerprint S Black - Concealed, guided full extension – unsur- passed running action – for the lifetime of the furniture - Steel drawer side and stainless steel - Tool-free front assembly - 2-dimensional front adjustment - Includes integrated BLUMOTION for silent and effortless closing action, can be combined with SERVO-DRIVE - Or with an integrated TIP-ON function for handle-less fronts Catalogue 2016/2017 • KA-120 Box systems