Blum kitchen inspirations

20 42 18 38 04 04 Beautiful and practical Aesthetics and functionality – a dream team for kitchens 08 Mission AGE EXPLORER ® Blum uses a high-tech suit to research the requirements of the future 12 Turning old into new Kitchen planning with Blum experts 16 WORKFLOW - everything where it should be Practical tips for smooth workflows and short distances 18 For the love of organisation Organise your drawers to suit your taste 20 Every inch counts! From the docks to the kitchen - how a wharfinger makes the most of space 22 SPACE - care for some more? Put the space available to optimal use with the right cabinets 24 The taste of friendship Dinner with three couples who love to entertain guests 30 MOTION - both hands full? Smart technologies make kitchen chores a piece of cake