Blum catalogue and technical manual 2018/2019

392 Box systems ▶ SERVO-DRIVE for LEGRABOX | TANDEMBOX ▶▶ Applications Catalogue 2018/2019 • KA-130 SERVO-DRIVE uno for bottom mount waste bin solutions – LEGRABOX | TANDEMBO X Webcode DQE61A Order information 18 SERVO-DRIVE set Network adapter Lan- guage package Part no. Network adapter Lan- guage package Part no. E A Z10NA30EA B A Z10NA30BA E B Z10NA30EB K D Z10NA30KD E C Z10NA30EC U G Z10NA30UG E D Z10NA30ED U J Z10NA30UJ E E Z10NA30EE H D Z10NA30HD E F Z10NA30EF Network adapter ¹ E B K U H Language package A DE, EN, FR, IT, NL E CS, HU, PL, SK B DA, EN, FI, NO, SV F BG, ET, LT, LV, RO, RU C EL, EN, HR, SL, SR, TR G EN, ES, FR D EN, ES, FR, IT, PT J JA Other combinations available upon request Set pre-mounted ¹ See the Information chapter for a detailed market list Composed of: 1 2 x Blum distance bumper 4 1 x Attachment bracket 1 tier 9 1 x Drive unit 18a 1 x Transport protection 18b 1 x Protection against dripping water 18c 1 x Blum plug-in transformer 12 W 18d 1 x Assembly – 7 x Screws for Blum distance bumper and attachment bracket – 1 x Installation instructions – 1 x Instruction leaflet Box systems ▬ Electrical opening support system in conjunction with BLUMOTION – for silent and effortless closing action ▬ Suitable for individual applications ▬ For bottom mount waste bin solutions ▬ Also ideal for retrofitting ▬ No fixed connection to the drive system ▬ Pull-outs can be used unchanged ▬ Simple and quick assembly of pre-mounted parts