Blum catalogue and technical manual 2018/2019

53 Lift systems AVENTOS HS – up and over lift system ◀ Overview ◀◀ Catalogue 2018/2019 • KA-130 Applications Webcode Page ▶▶ Standard | SERVO-DRIVE Wooden fronts, wide and narrow alu frames DQDADA 54 ▶▶ Accessories Screws 88 Centre bit 88 Door buffer 88 Screwdriver 89 Cross slot bit 89 ▶▶ Assembly, removal and adjustment Assembly, removal and adjustment Short-URL Machine directive Detailed information on the Machine Directive Short-URL Pictograph Item Available Upon Request General Information Accessories AVENTOS HS – up and over lift system Wooden front Wide alu front Narrow alu front SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS Planning Lift systems Symbolic image Symbolic image Furniture with SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS, as long as it is intended for domestic use, is not subject to the provisions of the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC. This is valid for items for office and professional use and for putting a machine on the market within the Euro. Economic Area (EEA + Switzerland + Turkey). The standards and/or guidelines of other countries are covered with our TÜV certification.