Blum catalogue and technical manual 2018/2019

578 Motion technologies ▶ SERVO-DRIVE single applications ▶▶ SERVO-DRIVE flex Catalogue 2018/2019 • KA-130 SERVO-DRIVE flex for refrigerators and freezers Webcode DQE85A Order information Refrigerator– recess height NH ≤ 1780 mm Freezer – recess height NH < 1780 mm 17 SERVO-DRIVE flex set Colour Part no. R7035 Z10C500A Composed of: 9 1 x Drive unit 17a 2 x Mounting plate 17b 2 x Front fixing 17c 1 x Front cover 17d 1 x Catch plate 1 3 x Blum distance bumper 12a 1 x Connecting node 17e 11 x Chipboard screws 17f 1 x Assembly jig 16 Blum plug-in transformer 12 W Only suitable for one drive unit Network adapter Lan- guage package Part no. Network adapter Lan- guage package Part no. E A ☎ Z10NA30EAF E F ☎ Z10NA30EFF E B ☎ Z10NA30EBF B A ☎ Z10NA30BAF E C ☎ Z10NA30ECF K D ☎ Z10NA30KDF E D ☎ Z10NA30EDF U G ☎ Z10NA30UGF E E ☎ Z10NA30EEF Network adapter ¹ E B K U Language package A DE, EN, FR, IT, NL E CS, HU, PL, SK B DA, EN, FI, NO, SV F BG, ET, LT, LV, RO, RU C EL, EN, HR, SL, SR, TR G EN, ES, FR D EN, ES, FR, IT, PT H EN, ZH Language descriptions as per ISO-639 Composed of: 16 1 x Blum plug-in transformer 12 W Incl. cable, 1120 mm (non-extendible) Other combinations available upon request ¹ See the Information chapter for a detailed market list Motion technologies ▬ Can be used for all standard built-in refrigerators and freezers ▬ Low recess height NH for drive unit of min. 60 mm ▬ Adaptive system ▬ Automatic self-closing system for unintentional opening ▬ Leaning protection ▬ Trigger safety ▬ Easy assembly and installation ▬ Not suitable for: refrigerators and freezers without own cabinet; freezers with base unit (recess height NH ≥ 1780 mm); refrigerated pull-outs