Blum catalogue and technical manual 2018/2019

206 Hinge systems ▶ MODUL – hinges ▶▶ Blind corner application Catalogue 2018/2019 • KA-130 Blind corner hinge inset application Webcode DQE4MM Application Order information Inset application Boss Screw-on Hinge Spring Colour Part no. MODUL BLUMOTION ● NI 99B9550 ● With spring NI Nickel plated Cruciform mounting plate for blind corner applications Spacing (mm) Height (mm) Part no. 3 12.2 199.8130 Accessories Hinge arm cover cap Print | Stamp Logo Part no. Plain – 90M2503 Stamped Blum 90M2503.BP Accessories – general Hinge boss cover cap Hinge Colour Part no. MODUL BLUMOTION NI 70T3504 NI Nickel plated Chipboard screws Ø (mm) Length (mm) Part no. 3.5 15 609.1500 3.5 17 609.1700 Hinge systems ▬ Hinge for blind corner applications ▬ MODUL BLUMOTION with integrated BLUMOTION (with deactivation option) ▬ Slide on hinge arm ▬ Can only be combined with mounting plate 199.8130 ▬ All metal hinge ▬ 95° opening angle ▬ 3-dimensional front adjustment