Blum catalogue and technical manual 2018/2019

434 Runner systems Catalogue 2018/2019 • KA-130 MOVENTO TANDEM STANDARD 4 The evolution of motion MOVENTO offers synchronised smooth running action, 4-dimensional front adjustment, and a dynamic carrying capacity of 40 and 60 kg with high stability and excellent sag values Smooth. Practical. Versatile. TANDEM high ease-of-use in the entire living area. The compre- hensive TANDEM programme has the right solution for any piece of furniture Simple. Proven. Economical. STANDARD, proven roller runner and reliable technology. A compre- hensive programme is covered by just a few components Smooth running action – for MOVENTO with synchronisation – for wooden pull-outs and drawers. Our runner systems can be used in all areas of the house. They also add value to furniture through extreme ease-of-use. ▬ BLUMOTION – silent and effortless closing action ▬ SERVO-DRIVE – electric opening support, combined with BLUMOTION ▬ TIP-ON BLUMOTION – mechanical opening support, combined with BLUMOTION ▬ TIP-ON – mechanical opening support, clos- es with just a light push ▬ Comprehensive programme for many options ▬ High stability and excellent sag values ▬ Quality for the lifetime of the furniture