Blum catalogue and technical manual 2018/2019

252 Box systems ▶ LEGRABOX ▶▶ Larder unit Catalogue 2018/2019 • KA-130 SPACE TOWER Webcode DQGQ7Y Order information Application recommendation Page Inner drawer – M 226 Inner pull-out – design element – C 234 AMBIA-LINE for LEGRABOX 543 CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° hinge 104 Recommendation Cabinet width (mm) 275–1200 Planning Help with planning and ordering Short-URL Page instructions Overview – LEGRABOX 219 Overview – SERVO-DRIVE for LEGRABOX | TANDEMBOX 379 TIP-ON BLUMOTION for LEGRABOX 262 TIP-ON for LEGRABOX 266 Overview – AMBIA-LINE for LEGRABOX 539 CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° hinge 104 Overview – BLUMOTION for doors 185 Accessories 257 Overview – assembly devices 595 More technical details 686 Assembly, removal and adjustment Short-URL ▬ The flexible larder unit with inner pull-outs; with shelves and inner drawers in the upper area ▬ Easy access from three sides ▬ Individually opening pull-outs allow for a complete overview and convenient removal from above ▬ Light operating forces even with heavily-laden pull- outs ▬ High backs and side panels guarantee secure stocking ▬ AMBIA-LINE inner dividing systems for pull-outs puts everything in order and allows easy access ▬ Flexible cabinet dimensions possible Box systems