Blum catalogue and technical manual 2020/2021

18 Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 1 The symmetrical lift mechanism of AVENTOS HK-XS can be used on one or two sides AVENTOS lift systems offer many opportunities for creating cabinets that are even more individual – in all areas of the home SERVO-DRIVE, the elec- trical motion support sys- tem for AVENTOS HF, AVENTOS HS, AVENTOS HL and AVENTOS HK top TIP-ON, the mechanical opening support, is avail- able for the lift systems AVENTOS HK top, AVENTOS HK-S and AVENTOS HK-XS AVENTOS lift systems provide ease of use in the wall cabinet. Even wide lift systems open easily, remain in any desired position and – thanks to BLUMOTION – close silently and effortlessly. ▬ BLUMOTION – silent and effortless closing action ▬ Quick, easy assembly and removal due to CLIP technology ▬ Easy, 3-dimensional front adjustment ▬ Perfectly balanced – fronts remain in any desired position ▬ No protruding parts ▬ Optimised ergonomic handle position ▬ With SERVO-DRIVE, the electrical motion support system for wall cabinets ▬ With TIP-ON, the mechanical opening sup- port system for stay lifts Lift systems