Blum catalogue and technical manual 2020/2021

532 Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 6 Mechanical – soft close Thanks to BLUMOTION, furniture closes silently and effortlessly no matter how hard you close lift systems, doors or pull-outs or how heavy they are Electrical – opening and soft close Supports opening after the front is touched. This subsequently activates the automatic motion. BLUMOTION provides silent and effortless closing action Mechanical – opening and soft close When pressed on the front, pull- outs open just far enough so that they can then be fully opened. They close softly and effortlessly with a light push thanks to integrated BLUMOTION Mechanical – opening Handle-less furniture can be opened with a light touch thanks to TIP-ON. Lift systems, doors or pull- outs are closed again by pressing Fronts close softly and effortlessly and open easily with a light touch – at the same time, you also have greater freedom in selecting a sophisticated design: the motion technology from Blum makes this possible. Four technologies give you almost countless possibilities for beautiful and practical furniture in kitchens and in many other living areas. This always ensures customised furniture – with or without handles. Easy opening and silent closing ensure a fascinating quality of motion for Blum products. The innovative motion technologies from Blum support users in all living areas by providing high quality of motion – for the lifetime of the furniture. Motion technologies BLUMOTION SERVO-DRIVE TIP-ON BLUMOTION TIP-ON