Blum catalogue and technical manual 2020/2021

576 Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 Precision work guaranteed: measurements display on the machine The operating elements have a precision display and are easily acces- sible, adjusting all dimensions and enhancing precision is made easy. Making your work processes quicker and error-free Digitised work process: planning directly on the machine EASYSTICK digitises planning and assembly. You can either plan directly on the machine or copy your data from the Cabinet Configurator Efficient and versatile use Fitted with EASYSTICK, the drilling unit (Y axis) moves automatically up to 350 mm. This increases the range of assembly options and permits the positioning of centred line drilling for deep cabinets Drilling head clamping The drilling head (colour-coded) fitted with drill bits and insertion rams (optional) can be fixed quickly and tool-free using a clamping lever Symbolic image MINIPRESS top for EASYSTICK vertical | horizontal and vertical The EASYSTICK ruler system transforms the MINIPRESS top into an all-rounder for cabinet and front assembly. The EASYSTICK com- puter enables you to enter settings directly on the MINIPRESS top. EASYSTICK calculates the precise drilling positions automatically. The ruler | the drilling unit moves automatically to the right position. Position the part, drill, done. ▬ Vertical drilling and optional insertion of Blum fittings ▬ Optional horizontal drilling ▬ Quick change of drilling heads already equipped with drill bits ▬ Automatic movement of the drilling unit (Y axis) up to 350 mm ▬ Automatically movable ruler (X axis) for workpiece dimensions up to 2681 mm ▬ Simple adjustment of dimensions with easily accessible operating elements and precision display ▶ Drilling and insertion machines MINIPRESS top for EASYSTICK E-SERVICES and assembly devices ▶▶ Basic machine Case studies E-SERVICES and assembly devices