Blum catalogue and technical manual 2020/2021

416 Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 Space requirement ▬ Runner for wooden drawers with a panel thickness of 11–16 mm ▬ Concealed TANDEM single extension with soft end stop when opening and integrated BLUMOTION for silent and effortless closing ▬ Suitable for use with SERVO-DRIVE – the electrical opening support system ▬ Low-friction cylindrical rollers ensure a feather-light glide ▬ Tool-free height adjustment via a locking device ▬ Built-in width and depth tolerance compensation ▶▶ TANDEM – locking device feature – single extension ▶ TANDEM TANDEM BLUMOTION 550H NL Nominal length 3 Locking device left/right Colour Material Part no. Orange Nylon/zinc T51.1700.04 Order left/right 4 Front adjuster Colour Material Part no. Natural Nylon 295.1000 5 POSISTOP Colour Material Part no. RAL 7037 dust grey Nylon 298.5500 Depth stop 12 Side stabilisation set for single extension Nominal length NL (mm) Part no. Up to 400 ZST.410TT Up to 650 ZST.650TT For cutting to size Suitable for cabinet width KB 1400 mm Drawer Inner drawer Runner systems Order information Accessories Webcode DQD3BY 1 Runners left/right Nominal length NL (mm) Dynamic carrying capacity (kg) 30 270 550H2700B 300 550H3000B 350 550H3500B 400 550H4000B 450 550H4500B 500 550H5000B 550 550H5500B 600 550H6000B 650 550H6500B Runner systems