Blum catalogue and technical manual 2020/2021

6a 6c 6b 4 1 442 Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 Space requirement ▬ Runner for wooden drawers with a panel thickness of 17–19 mm ▬ Concealed TANDEM single extension with soft end stop when opening and integrated BLUMATIC self-insertion technology ▬ Suitable for use with TIP-ON – the mechanical opening support system ▬ Low-friction cylindrical rollers ensure a feather-light glide ▬ Lift-off stop and height adjustment integrated into runner system ▶▶ TANDEM 19 mm – hook and peg variant – single extension ▶ TANDEM TANDEM 551F NL Nominal length 4 Front adjuster Colour Material Part no. Natural Nylon 295.1000 6a TIP-ON left/right Dynamic carrying capacity (kg) Part no. 30 T55.3150S Only suitable for TANDEM 6b TIP-ON synchronisation pinion set Colour Version Part no. RAL 7037 dust grey Semicircular T55.000R 6c TIP-ON synchronisation linkage Cabinet width KB (mm) Version Part no. Up to 1200 Semicircular T55.882W For cutting to size Starting with cabinet width KB 600 mm Cutting Internal cabinet width LW – 284 mm Drawer Runner systems Order information Accessories Webcode DQHQ3Y 1 Runners left/right Nominal length NL (mm) Dynamic carrying capacity (kg) 30 260 ☎ 551F2601 310 ☎ 551F3101 360 ☎ 551F3601 410 ☎ 551F4101 460 ☎ 551F4601 510 ☎ 551F5101 560 ☎ 551F5601 The output path can vary depending on the load or the adjustment! Runner systems