Blum catalogue and technical manual 2020/2021

539 Motion technologies SERVO-DRIVE single applications ◀ SERVO-DRIVE flex ◀◀ Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 SERVO-DRIVE flex for refrigerators and freezers Webcode DQE85A Order information Freezer – recess height NH ≥ 1780 mm Fridge/freezer combination 17 SERVO-DRIVE flex set Colour Part no. R7035 2 x Z10C500A Composed of: 9 1 x Drive unit 17a 2 x Mounting plate 17b 2 x Front fixing 17c 1 x Front cover 17d 1 x Catch plate 1 3 x Blum distance bumper 12a 1 x Connecting node 17e 11 x Chipboard screws 17f 1 x Assembly jig Order synchronisation cable [21] separately 11 Distribution cable Colour Length (mm) Part no. S 3000 Z10K300A For cutting to size 12 Connecting node and cable end protector Colour Material Part no. S Nylon Z10V100E.01 Composed of: 12a 1 x Connecting node 11b 2 x Cable end protector 13 Blum transformer 24 W Language package Part no. Language package Part no. A Z10NE030A F Z10NE030F B Z10NE030B G Z10NE030G C Z10NE030C H Z10NE030H D Z10NE030D J Z10NE030J E Z10NE030E Required for two or more drive units Incl. instruction leaflet and installation instructions Without flex Language package A DE | EN | FR | IT | NL F BG | ET | LT | LV | RO | RU B DA | EN | FI | NO | SV G EN | ES | FR C EL | EN | HR | SL | SR | TR H EN | ZH D EN | ES | FR | IT | PT J JA E CS | HU | PL | SK Language descriptions as per ISO-639 14 Flex Market Part no. Market Part no. AR Z10M200A JP Z10M200J UK Z10M200B AU Z10M200K CH Z10M200C CL Z10M200L DK Z10M200D CN Z10M200N Europe Z10M200E BR Z10M200S.01 Europe ¹ Z10M200E.OS TW Z10M200T IN Z10M200H US | CA Z10M200U IL Z10M200I ZA Z10M200Z ¹ Without plug 15a Transformer unit housing Base fixing Colour Material Part no. R7037 Nylon Z10NG000 Incl. cover For Blum transformer 24 W Alternative to 15a 15b Transformer unit housing Panel fixing Colour Material Part no. WGR Nylon Z10NG120 For Blum transformer 24 W Freezer – recess height NH ≥ 1780 mm 21 Synchronisation cable Colour Length (mm) Part no. R7035 3000 Z10K300A For cutting to size Connects two drive units that need to activate simultaneously Accessories – Cable holder Colour Material Part no. W Nylon Z10K0009 For example, for securing the distribution cable 24 SERVO-DRIVE switch Colour Part no. HGR | SW | TGR 23P5020 25 Wireless receiver Colour Part no. R7035 Z10C5007 Colour HGR Light grey SW Silk white TGR Dark grey WGR White grey Colour R7035 RAL 7035 light grey R7037 RAL 7037 dust grey S Black W White Overview – SERVO-DRIVE single applica- tions 537 SERVO-DRIVE uno – market list 682 Planning 540 Overview – assembly devices 561 Machine directive 665 Page instructions More technical details 662 Assembly, removal and adjustment Short-URL Motion technologies