Blumi kataloog ja tehniline juhend 2020/2021

314 ▶ TIP-ON BLUMOTION for TANDEMBOX Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 ▬ The TIP-ON mechanical opening support system combined with soft-close BLUMOTION ▬ Gap 2.5 mm ▬ Four-dimensional front adjustment ▬ Extensive trigger range ▬ Synchronised feather-light glide ▬ Synchronisation for internal cabinet widths LW of 238 mm and wider 6 TIP-ON BLUMOTION set Nominal length NL (mm) Unit Cabinet profile (kg) Weight (kg) ¹ Part no. 270–300 S0 30 ≤ 10 T60B3030 270–300 S1 30 > 10–20 T60B3130 350–600 L1 30 ≤ 20 ² T60B3330 350–600 L3 30 15–40 ² T60B3530 450–650 L5 65 35–65 ³ T60B3560 Composed of: 6a 1 x TIP-ON BLUMOTION unit left/right 6b 1 x TIP-ON BLUMOTION latch left/right 6e 2 x TIP-ON BLUMOTION synchronisation adapter ¹ Recommended weight ranges (total weight of the pull-out) for an optimum opening and closing function ² Can only be combined with a 30 kg cabinet profile ³ Recommendation: only use in combination with 65 kg cabinet profile Internal cabinet width LW ≥ 287 mm 6f TIP-ON BLUMOTION synchronisation linkage Version Colour Part no. Round Grey T60.1125W In combination with 6e 2 x T60.000D Suitable up to internal cabinet width LW 1370 mm Note To optimise the function and trigger range, we generally recommend using synchronisation Cutting Internal cabinet width LW – 240 mm Internal cabinet width LW 238–286 mm 6g TIP-ON BLUMOTION synchronisation Version Colour Part no. Square RAL 7035 light grey T60.300D Cutting Internal cabinet width LW – 214 mm 6e TIP-ON BLUMOTION synchronisation adapter Version Colour Part no. Symmetrical RAL 7035 light grey T60.000D Internal cabinet width LW ≥ 287 mm 6h TIP-ON BLUMOTION synchronisation linkage fixing Cabinet width KB (mm) Material Part no. ≥ 750 Steel T60B000H For pull-outs over a cabinet bottom or cross member Prevents the TIP-ON BLUMOTION synchronisation linkage from sagging 6i Base support bracket Cabinet width KB (mm) Colour Part no. ≥ 750 RAL 7037 dust grey Z96.2011 For pull-outs over a cabinet bottom or cross member For supporting the pull-out base 6j Front/base stabiliser Material Colour Part no. Nylon RAL 7037 dust grey 2 x Z96.10E1 – TIP-ON BLUMOTION checking/setting template Front gap FS (mm) Colour Part no. 2.5 Orange 65.5627 Box systems ▶▶ Applications TIP-ON BLUMOTION Order information Accessories 1 Cabinet profiles left/right TIP-ON BLUMOTION Nominal length NL (mm) Dynamic carrying capacity (kg) 30 65 270 578.2701M 300 578.3001M 350 578.3501M 400 578.4001M 450 578.4501M 576.4501M 500 578.5001M 576.5001M 550 578.5501M 576.5501M 600 578.6001M 576.6001M 650 576.6501M Box systems