Blumi kataloog ja tehniline juhend 2020/2021

564 Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 Work steps Planning | design | product selection Purchasing | ordering Production | manufacturing Assembly | adjustment Marketing Features My library Complete and incomplete configurations can be saved under "My library", ready to be used as templates My projects The "My projects" function allows you to save and manage your own configurations from the Product Configurator to continue using them at any time. This way, you can permanently retain parts lists, cuttings, CAD/CAM data and other configurations for your furniture project My order lists "My order lists" makes order processing easy, as you can send checked parts lists online to selected distributors Distributor interface After product or cabinet configuration, send your collision-checked and error-free parts list to the online shops of selected distributors quickly and easily. Blum's Product | Cabinet Configurator has already been connected to more than 190 online shops, enabling quick and easy data transfer with just a few clicks. You can send the parts list directly after you've configured a cabinet or collect all your orders in "My order lists" and then send all the data at once Overview – E-SERVICES 563 Simply select, configure and order your fittings – that’s it Planning furniture has never been easier thanks to the Product Configu- rator from Blum. The Product Configurator is always up to date with the latest fittings and can be accessed online at any time. You can create planning information such as cutting lists, assembly drawings and CAD data in no time. The comprehensive planning result provides you with the best possible support in your production process – data can be uploaded to other CAD programs for further processing and the BXF format ¹ makes it easy to transfer data to MINIPRESS with EASYSTICK. Configuration is now even easier and more intuitive – even on your smartphone or tablet. ▬ Configuration without installing any software ▬ Parts list checked in full to ensure order is error-free ▬ Comprehensive planning result with information for design, assembly and adjustment ▬ All planning results are available in various formats for download ▶ E-SERVICES Product Configurator ¹ The BXF file (Blum eXchange-Format) not only contains information about the fitting, but also manufacturing information for wooden parts, such as cutting dimensions and drilling positions ▶▶ Applications E-SERVICES and assembly devices Page instructions Product Configurator Short-URL E-SERVICES and assembly devices