Blum catalogue and technical manual 2020/2021

184 Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 Handle-less doors can be opened easily with TIP-ON – a light touch is all that’s needed The door then opens at an angle that is comfortable for the furniture user With four colour variants, TIP-ON can be optimally adjusted to the cabinet interior The door gap can easily be set using the ejector The TIP-ON unit can be attached to the cabinet front edge The TIP-ON unit can also be at- tached to the cabinet interior using horizontal adapter plates The TIP-ON unit can also be at- tached to the cabinet interior using cruciform adapter plates The catch plate is the counterpart to TIP-ON. There are two variants, self-adhesive, or a version that screws to the door Handle-less furniture is becoming more and more popular in the home. With TIP-ON, we offer a mechanical opening support system for handle-less furniture fronts. This enables your customers to open and close handle-less furniture fronts easily and effortlessly. TIP-ON can be used in the kitchen as well as all other living areas. You will always find the right TIP-ON unit for every application thanks to the wide range of colours and adapter plates. You can choose between the short and long version of TIP-ON, for drilling or with an adapter plate depending on the application. The door gap adjustment feature is integrated in all models. Opening comfort for handle-less fronts Easy to open – with just a touch High quality down to the smallest detail Hinge systems ▶ TIP-ON for doors Hinge systems