Blum catalogue and technical manual 2020/2021

24 ▶ AVENTOS HF – bi-fold lift system ▶▶ Standard | SERVO-DRIVE Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 Wooden fronts and wide alu frames Power factor LF Cabinet height KH (mm) x combined weight of top and bottom fronts FG including handle (kg) Theoret. cabinet height TKH Front height top FHo (mm) x 2 + gaps We recommend the more powerful lift mechanism for overlapping areas. Standard SERVO-DRIVE 1 Lift mechanism set Power factor LF Part no. 2600–5500 (1 pc LF 960–2650) 20F2200.05 5350–10150 20F2500.05 9000–17250 (3 pc LF 13500–25900) 20F2800.05 Composed of: 1 2 x Lift mechanism (symmetrical) – 8 x Chipboard screws Ø 4 x 35 mm 2 Telescopic arm set Cabinet height KH (mm) ¹ Part no. 480–570 20F3200.01 560–710 20F3500.01 700–900 20F3800.01 760–1040 20F3900.01 Composed of: 2 2 x Telescopic arm (symmetrical) ¹ Theoretical cabinet height TKH for asymmetrical fronts 3 Cover cap set Colour Material Part no. HGR | SW | TGR Nylon 20F8000 Composed of: 3a 1 x Cover cap large left 3b 1 x Cover cap large right 3c 2 x Round cover cap stamped with Blum logo 3 Cover cap set for SERVO-DRIVE Colour Material Part no. HGR | SW | TGR Nylon 21F8000 Composed of: 3a 1 x SERVO-DRIVE cover cap large left 3b 1 x Cover cap large right 3c 2 x Round cover cap stamped with Blum logo 3d 2 x SERVO-DRIVE switch 3e 6 x Blum distance bumper, Ø 5 mm 4 Mounting plate for telescopic arm Recommendation Fixing method Spacing (mm) Part no. Screw-on 0 ¹ 175H3100 EXPANDO 0 177H3100E Knock-in 0 177H3100 All horizontal steel mounting plates with 0 mm spacing possible ¹ Use 2 chipboard screws (609.1x00) per side for wooden fronts ¹ Use 2 counter sunk self tapping screws (660.0950) per side for wide alu frames 6 SERVO-DRIVE set Colour Material Part no. R7037 Nylon 21FA000 Composed of: 6a 1 x Drive unit 6b 1 x Distribution cable, 1500 mm 6c 1 x Connecting node 6d 2 x Cable end protector For three lift mechanisms or more, we recommend two synchronised drive units 7 Blum transformer 24 W Language package Part no. Language package Part no. A Z10NE030A F Z10NE030F B Z10NE030B G Z10NE030G C Z10NE030C H Z10NE030H D Z10NE030D J Z10NE030J E Z10NE030E Incl. instruction leaflet and installation instructions Without flex Language package A DE | EN | FR | IT | NL F BG | ET | LT | LV | RO | RU B DA | EN | FI | NO | SV G EN | ES | FR C EL | EN | HR | SL | SR | TR H EN | ZH D EN | ES | FR | IT | PT J JA E CS | HU | PL | SK Language descriptions as per ISO-639 8 Transformer unit housing Colour Material Part no. WGR Nylon Z10NG120 For Blum transformer 24 W 9 Flex Market Part no. Market Part no. AR Z10M200A JP Z10M200J UK Z10M200B AU Z10M200K CH Z10M200C CL Z10M200L DK Z10M200D CN Z10M200N Europe Z10M200E BR Z10M200S.01 Europe ¹ Z10M200E.OS TW Z10M200T IN Z10M200H US | CA Z10M200U IL Z10M200I ZA Z10M200Z ¹ Without plug ▬ Ideal for wall cabinets with divided fronts ▬ Cabinet height KH 480–1040 mm ▬ Cabinet width KB up to 1800 mm ▬ Silent and effortless closing, thanks to BLUMOTION ▬ Light operating forces ▬ Variable stop ▬ Tool-free assembly ▬ 3-dimensional adjustment of both fronts ▬ Simple, infinitely variable lift mechanism ▬ Centre hinge with finger safety feature Lift systems Order information Webcode DQD8YM Lift systems