Blum catalogue and technical manual 2020/2021

46 Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 Choose between two symmetrical lift mechanism types – and two types of assembly. The lift mechanism with the integrated positioning system can be installed without pre-drilling. The lift mechanism with pre-mounted system screws can also be installed to the unattached cabinet side. Four drill holes in the 32 tier system are required for this Small installation size, straight lines, harmonious proportions, smooth surfaces: AVENTOS HK top has already won multiple awards for its design Thanks to its minimalist design, the stay lift fits harmoniously into furniture in all areas of the home Motion technologies Whether with SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON: combined with the right motion technology, they make opening and closing a memorable experience Integrated safety mechanism The innovative mechanism pre- vents the lever arm from opening unintentionally Integrated opening angle stop The distance the front should open is infinitely variable and can there- fore be set exactly as required AVENTOS HK top is compact, minimalistic and highly functional. It is suitable for both small and large lift systems in tall and wall cabinets. Opening angle stop and safety mechanism are integrated. Cornices were also taken into account during development. ▬ Silent and effortless closing, thanks to BLUMOTION ▬ Easy to open ▬ Stops at any opening position ▬ Provides excellent access to the cabinet interior ▬ Suitable for wall cabinets with cornice or crown moulding ▬ Small programme, huge application variety ▬ Easy assembly and adjustment ▬ Stability, even with wide fronts ▬ Excellent durability ▬ No protruding parts ▬ Optional: SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS HK top ▬ Optional: TIP-ON for AVENTOS Excellent durability The core element of the lift mech- anism is a robust spring package. The result: high durability combined with light operating forces ▶ AVENTOS HK top – stay lift Experience unprecedented ease of use Opening and closing – easy and comfortable Other advantages that will inspire both you and your customers Lift systems Lift systems