Blum catalogue and technical manual 2020/2021

1b 1g 1e 1c 2 1d 3 1a 1f 1h 1h 14 x 546 Further products ▶ Cabinet applications Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 SPACE STEP 1 SPACE STEP set Nominal length NL (mm) Colour Part no. 410 Orion grey matt Z95.4100 460 Orion grey matt Z95.4600 1a 1 x TANDEM 561Hxxx1B95 left/right 1b 2 x Vertical support 1c 2 x Corner connector 1d 2 x Support feet 1e 2 x Rear panel bracket 1f 1 x Front connector (magnet and catch plate) 1g 4 x Blum distance bumper Cabinet width KB > 900 mm, use 4 Blum distance bumpers 1h 2 x Sticker (safety information and manufacturer information sticker) – 14 x Flat headed screws Ø 4 x 15 mm – 1 x Installation instructions 2 Horizontal profile Material Length (mm) Part no. Aluminium 1040 Z95Q1040A For cutting to size Recommendation Cabinet width KB 1200 mm, use 2 pcs. to prevent excessive bending Cutting Internal cabinet width LW – 130 mm 3 Blum spacer strip Material Colour Part no. Nylon Orion grey matt Z95D4100 For mounting the pull-out runners, suitable for all Blum box and runner systems Note Max. load bearing capacity 150 kg As the manufacturer, you are responsible for determining the actual load bearing capacity of the furniture manufactured by you that uses the SPACE STEP as per EN-14183, this value must also be stated on the manufacturer information sticker Recommended material A 3-ply panel (3S) at least 21 mm thick is recommended for the plinth step Recommended step surface The step surface must be anti-slip This can take the form of an anti-slip mat directly affixed to the step surface or by using anti-slip panel material In order to ensure that the SPACE STEP is held in position as securely as possible, the subsur- face and the step surface must be clean and dry Cabinet width KB > 900 mm, use 4 Blum distance bumpers Attaching the labels EN-14183 requires both of the labels enclosed to be clearly displayed Pull-out underneath SPACE STEP Only 30 or 40 kg runners may be used The dynamic carrying capacity for the pull-out underneath the SPACE STEP is 20 kg ▬ Enables access to the next storage level up in wall cabinets ▬ Creates additional storage space in the pull-out underneath the SPACE STEP ▬ Can be combined with all Blum box and runner systems ▬ Can be combined with all Blum motion technologies ▬ High flexibility: SPACE STEP can be used in all living spaces Webcode DQHKHA Order information Accessories Planning Further products