Blum catalogue and technical manual 2020/2021

62 Catalogue 2020/2021 • KA-140 AVENTOS HK-XS proves itself with the familiar AVENTOS ease of use. They close silently and effortlessly in combination with CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges. The variable stop ensures that the front always remains in the desired position Many possibilities Thanks to the low installation depth, with AVENTOS HK-XS it is possible to make optimal use of the space above the extractor, for example Wide folding fronts For larger and heavier fronts, attach a lift mechanism to both sides CLIP mechanism Tool-free lift mechanism assem- bly is carried out using the CLIP mechanism Infinitely variable lift mechanism adjustment The infinitely variable adjustment is carried out from the front using the adjustment screw Handle-less stay lifts One touch on the front is all that is needed to open the lift system wide enough that it can be conveniently moved upwards, thanks to TIP-ON AVENTOS HK-XS offers a high level of design freedom for small top wall cabinets thanks to its narrow style. Cabinets with low internal depths can therefore also be conveniently equipped. ▬ Specifically for small top wall cabinets ▬ Also suitable for cabinets with low internal depths ▬ Symmetrical lift mechanism, can be used on one or both sides ▬ Silent and effortless closing, thanks to BLUMOTION ▬ Easy to open ▬ Stops at any opening position ▬ Provides excellent access to the cabinet interior ▬ Small programme, huge application variety ▬ Easy assembly and adjustment ▬ Excellent durability ▬ Optional: TIP-ON for AVENTOS Excellent durability The core element of the lift mech- anism is a robust spring package. The result: excellent durability ▶ AVENTOS HK-XS – stay lift Lift system for small stay lifts Opening and closing – easy and comfortable Other advantages that will inspire both you and your customers Lift systems Lift systems