Blum katalog og arbejdshåndbog 2022-2023_da

104 Hinge systems 〉 CLIP top BLUMOTION | CLIP top – hinges 〉 Glass door application Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 CRISTALLO hinge Web code DQDN1A Application Order information The different applications can be achieved through relevant adhesion positions Boss CRISTALLO 110° Hinge Spring Colour Part no. CLIP top BLUMOTION ● NI | ONS 71B4500C CLIP top ● NI 71T4500C CLIP top ○ NI 70T4500CTL ● With spring NI Nickel plated ○ Unsprung ONS Onyx black CRISTALLO adhesion plate Glue -on Front material Colour Part no. Glass | mirror Mat t-nickel plated 70T4568C Mirror Special nickel plated 70T4568C Accessories Hinge arm cover cap Print | stamp Logo Colour Part no. Plain – NI | ONS 70.4503 Stamped Blum NI 70.4503.BP Note Limitation of liability If the Blum fit tings are installed according to instructions and on suitable glass and mirror fronts, they will meet the requirements concerning the stability of the connection This is monitored through internal and external testing As the adhesive and/or the adhesive process are beyond our control, Blum cannot accept liability for claims arising from the failure or malfunction of this/these process/es It is recommended that the adhesive be applied by an experienced glass manufacturer Accessories – general Opening angle stop Opening angle Colour Part no. 85° Dark grey 70T4503 92° R7037 70T4503.09 R7037 RAL 7037 dust grey TIP-ON for doors Version Spring Part no. Shor t version ○ 956.1004 Extended version ○ 956A1004 Extended version ● 956A1006 ● With spring ○ Unsprung Hinge systems ▬ Hinge for glass and mirror doors ▬ Adhesion plate is glued onto glass (no glass drilling necessary) ▬ Tool-free hinge to adhesion plate assembly ▬ CLIP top BLUMOTION with integrated BLUMOTION (with deactivation option) ▬ CLIP top with or without closing mechanism (spring) ▬ 0-protrusion (for cabinets with inner pull-outs or pullout shelfs) ▬ 110° opening angle ▬ 3-dimensional front adjustment ▬ Convenient spiral-tech depth adjustment ▬ Tool-free door to cabinet assembly and removal A trial application is recommended when combining CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges and CLIP top hinges with springs on small, light fronts up to 300 mm wide. Combining these is not recommended for wider front widths FB.