Blum katalog og arbejdshåndbog 2022-2023_da

41 Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Wooden fronts, wide and narrow alu frames Planning Blum distance bumper (SERVO -DRIVE application only) Inser t Blum distance bumper (do not glue) Recommendation for aluminium frames A trial application must be carried out when fixing to the front * From cabinet bot tom edge for fronts that protrude below SERVO -DRIVE switch Over view – AVENTOS HL 37 Ordering information – wooden fronts, wide and narrow alu frames 38 Over view – assembly devices 591 Machine directive 701 More technical details 698 Web code DQDB2M Take into account drilling for the Blum distance bumper in the cabinet side Reference pages Assembly, removal and adjustment Short URL Lift systems 〉 AVENTOS HL – lift up 〉 Standard | SERVO-DRIVE Lif t systems