Blum katalog og arbejdshåndbog 2022-2023_da

600 E-SERVICES and assembly devices 〉 E-SERVICES 〉 Applications Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 CAD/CAM data service Work steps What support do you receive for which work steps? Marketing Concept | Planning | Quotation Design Ordering Manufacturing Delivery | Assembly After sales service Design You will receive CAD data in 2D and 3D in commercial formats as well as our BXF file¹. Both can then be used by you in your design sof tware with a BXF inter face¹. CAD data are available to you as individual geometries, a combination or a package. Manufacturing Download manufacturing data, e.g. manufacturing drawings or use our CAM data² in commercial formats for your CAM sof tware. Our BXF data¹ also contain relevant manufacturing information for your wooden par ts. Content for download from the CAD/CAM Data Service CAD/CAM² packages Individual product (3D) Combination (3D) Installation situation (2D) Production drawings (2D) CAM² data for fur ther processing on the CNC machine BXF¹ data Individual customer query for special situations or unresolved issues ¹ The BXF file (Blum eXchange-Format) not only contains information about the fit ting, but also manufacturing information for wooden par ts, such as cut ting dimensions and drilling positions. ² The CAM data available for selection is based on the respective individual products. Therefore, please make the correct positioning on the wooden par ts manually. E-SERVICES and assembly devices Your path to current CAD/CAM data We offer you a wide range of various CAD/CAM formats to provide you with the best possible suppor t for planning and manufacturing. With the CAD/CAM Data Service, you have access to useful data – fast and 24/7. ▬ Central access to up-to-date CAD/CAM data² checked by the manufacturer ▬ Go straight to our configurators and get manufacturing drawings, BXF data¹, installation situations – dimensionally accurate and collision checked ▬ Can’t find the data you need? Then simply ask us for drawings of special applications via a customer request