Blum katalog og arbejdshåndbog 2022-2023_da

EA 602 E-SERVICES and assembly devices 〉 E-SERVICES 〉 Applications Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 EASY ASSEMBLY app Work steps What support do you receive for which work steps? Marketing Concept | Planning | Quotation Design Ordering Manufacturing Delivery | Assembly After sales service Delivery | Assembly The EASY ASSEMBLY app suppor ts you with information and instructions regarding the assembly and adjustment of Blum products. Features Overview of all installation instructions Interactive applications Over view – E-SERVICES 593 EASY ASSEMBLY includes an over view of all installation instructions, arranged by product group. The assembly app has been designed to be intuitive, so it is easy to use. Interactive applications clearly indicate the right drilling positions and show you how to adjust Blum fit tings. Reference pages EASY ASSEMBLY app Short URL E-SERVICES and assembly devices The digital tool for your assembly The digital tool for your assembly. You want to assemble and adjust Blum hinges, lif t systems, pull-outs and other fittings systems properly? The EASY ASSEMBLY app for smar tphones and tablets answers any questions you may have about the assembly and adjustment of Blum fittings. The app includes installation instructions and assembly videos for all Blum products.