Blum katalog og arbejdshåndbog 2022-2023_da

71 Hinge systems 〉 CLIP top BLUMOTION | CLIP top – hinges 〉 Overview Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Hinge systems Over view – hinge systems 69 BLUMOTION for doors 156 TIP-ON for doors 170 MODUL – hinges 174 Overview Over view – hinges 72 Over view – angled applications 116 Mounting plates 144 Angled spacers 150 Accessories Hinge arm cover cap 151 Hinge boss cover cap 153 Hinge boss spacing 152 Screws 154 Centre bit 154 Door buf fer 154 Screwdriver 155 Assembly, removal and adjustment Assembly, removal and adjustment Short URL Pictograph Item available on request All 4 edges Side Overlay application Dual application Inset application Special application Blind corner application Corner cabinet with bi-fold door Angled application inset Angled application half overlay Angled application overlay Angled application max. overlay Angled application mitred Hinge with straight hinge arm Hinge with cranked hinge arm Hinge with double cranked hinge arm EXPANDO T INSERTA boss Screw-on boss Knock-in boss Knock-in boss – assembly with inser tion ram only CRISTALLO adhesion plate Min. chipboard screw length Hinge systems Symbolic image Symbolic image Symbolic image Symbolic image