Blum catalogue and technical manual

256 Box systems 〉 MERIVOBOX Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 MERIVOBOX – Let's create – the box platform for your ideas Platform It takes just a few components to create your own extensive range. Diverse and yet simple. Design MERIVOBOX boasts straight lines and a striking look. Modern mini- malism meets distinctive design. Functionality The newly developed cabinet profile concept delivers extremely smooth running action and high load bearing capacity. Feather-light glide and enhanced stability. Assembly No matter the model, assembly is always simple and adjustment al- ways the same. It is extremely easy to achieve precise results. MERIVOBOX modular with gallery Create a clean cut design with the use of exposed metal components. MERIVOBOX modular with BOXCOVER Create unique pull-outs – with large design elements. MERIVOBOX modular with BOXCAP Simply clip on BOXCAP and you have created a metal pull-out with closed sides. Colour concept MERIVOBOX is available in the col- our options silk white matt, indium grey matt and orion grey matt. Offering variety has never been so easy. This platform makes it incredibly simple to manu- facture and assemble drawers and pull-outs to meet every demand. Experience maximum functionality combined with a stunning design. In short, MERIVOBOX makes your ideas and those of your customers happen. Get a head start and get ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Box systems