Blum catalogue and technical manual

3 2b 2a 306 Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Drawer – N Space requirement NL Nominal length Order information Colour Colour SW Silk white R9006 RAL 9006 grey (white aluminium) Web code DQC21A ▬ Concealed, guided full extension – unsurpassed running action – for the lifetime of the furniture ▬ Tool-free front assembly ▬ 2-dimensional front adjustment ▬ Includes integrated BLUMOTION damping effect for soft and effortless closing action, can be combined with SERVO-DRIVE ▬ Either with TIP-ON BLUMOTION for handle-less furniture, or even for furniture with handle elements as a design feature 3 Chipboard back fixings left/right Colour Material Part no. SW | R9006 Steel Z30N000S.04 4 Front fixing bracket Fixing method Part no. Knock-in 2 x ZSF.36A2 INSERTA 2 x ZSF.39A2 Screw-on 2 x ZSF.35A2 Box systems 〉 TANDEMBOX antaro 〉 Standard cabinet 1 Cabinet profiles left/right Version BLUMOTION Nominal length NL (mm) Dynamic carrying capacity (kg) 30 400 578.4001M 450 578.4501M 500 578.5001M 550 578.5501M 2 Drawer side set Drawer side height (mm) 68.5 Nominal length NL (mm) Colour SW | R9006 400 378N4002SA 450 378N4502SA 500 378N5002SA 550 378N5502SA Consisting of: 2a 1 x Left/right drawer sides 2b 2 x Cover caps, stamped with Blum logo, custom printed from 1000 pcs Box systems