Blum catalogue and technical manual

19 52 436 320 756 352 1108 1428 1684 256 80 280 80 280 670 1340 337 Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 SPACE TOWER Planning Recommendation Positioning in the cabinet Drilling distances – front Drilling distances – front Web code DQGRMM Reference pages Number of hinges 706 In high cabinets, it is practical to have a shelf at the highest level rather than an inner drawer. The inner drawer allows access from the side. If the inner drawer is implemented with a higher back, stored goods are prevented from falling down the back. The option to position the pull-outs at different heights within the cabinet guarantees that no items will be too tall to be stored inside. The CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° hinge without front protrusion allows the cabi- net width KB to be put to optimal use. If the hinge is mounted above the pull- out, the lowest pull-out can be inserted right at the bottom. Turning even those last few centimetres into usable storage space. Box systems 〉 TANDEMBOX antaro 〉 Larder unit Box systems