Blum Catalogue V5 EN

359 Box systems 〉 SERVO-DRIVE for LEGRABOX | MERIVOBOX | TANDEMBOX 〉 Overview Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Box systems Over view – box systems 189 LEGRABOX 190 MERIVOBOX 256 TANDEMBOX antaro 302 TANDEMBOX plus 348 Applications Standard cabinet 360 SPACE TOWER 366 Sink cabinet 372 Cabinet with pull-out element – bracket profile horizontal 376 Cabinet with pull-out element – upper at tachment bracket 380 SERVO-DRIVE uno for bot tom mount waste bin solutions 384 SERVO-DRIVE uno for top mount waste bin solutions – TANDEMBOX 386 Accessories Cable holder 388 Synchronisation cable 388 COMBOX set 388 Front /base stabiliser 389 Assembly, removal and adjustment Machine directive 701 Pictograph Item available on request Symbolic image Symbolic image Symbolic image Symbolic image Assembly, removal and adjustment Short URL Detailed information on the Machine Directive Short URL Box systems