Blum catalogue and technical manual

390 Box systems 〉 METABOX Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Simple. Excellent. Proven. Short URL Box systems Height of drawer side N = 54 mm Height of drawer side M = 86 mm Height of drawer side K = 118 mm Height of drawer side H = 150 mm METABOX BLUMOTION ensures soft and effortless closing action. For simple product selection and ordering of the available range, use our Product Configurator. A high-quality system with few component parts METABOX drawers are made up of only a few components. Using the proven Box system, you can realise so many different applications. Stable materials and careful assembly ensure the best stability values – up to a max. dynamic load bearing of 25 kg. BLUMOTION – soft and effortless closing action for METABOX The tried and tested BLUMOTION function is also available as an option for the METABOX single extension. Independent of the force used and the weight of the storage items. Extremely practical and economical: In all standard appli- cations one unit is all you need.