Blum catalogue and technical manual

414 Runner systems Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 MOVENTO TANDEM 4 ▬ BLUMOTION – soft and effortless closing action ▬ SERVO-DRIVE – electric opening support, combined with BLUMOTION ▬ TIP-ON BLUMOTION – mechanical opening support, combined with BLUMOTION ▬ TIP-ON – mechanical opening support, clos- es with just a light push ▬ Comprehensive programme for many options ▬ High stability and excellent sag values ▬ Quality for the lifetime of the furniture The sophisticated runner system MOVENTO offers synchronised smooth running action, 4-dimensional front adjustment, and a dynamic carrying capacity of 40 and 70 kg with high stability and excellent sag values. The versatile runner system TANDEM high ease-of-use in the entire living area. The comprehensive TANDEM programme has the right solution for any piece of furniture. Our runner systems give you quality steel for your design in wood. We have a solution for every requirement: the sophisticated MOVENTO and the versatile TANDEM runner system. They can be combined with various motion technologies for enhanced conveni- ence.