Blum catalogue and technical manual

416 Runner systems 〉 MOVENTO Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 The sophisticated runner system Runner systems Synchronised feather-light glide The synchronised feather-light glide is a special feature of the MOVENTO runner system. The runner components with low-friction cylindrical nylon rollers run uniformly and almost silently – for soft and effortless opening and closing. 4-dimensional adjustment ease With MOVENTO, you can adjust the height, tilt and depth of the front and also modify it at the sides. There is no need to alter the drawer and you get a precise gap layout quickly, easily and without tools. Carrying capacity and stability MOVENTO boasts excellent stability and a high load bearing capacity. Thanks to its superb sag values, the runner system is also ideal for applications near to the floor. This makes the full extension with 40 and 70 kg load bearing classes the first choice. Handle-less options MOVENTO can be implemented with all 4 motion technologies by Blum. You decide which one best meets your requirements. Pull-out shelf lock The pull-out shelf lock for MOVENTO engages securely on both sides when the pull-out shelf is fully extended and holds it firmly in place. The pull-out shelf lock can be easily released with one hand thanks to synchronisation. With our sophisticated MOVENTO runner system, we provide you with a synchronised feather-light glide, four-dimensional front adjustment, and a dynamic carrying capacity of 40 and 70 kg with high stability and excellent sag values.