Blum catalogue and technical manual

528 Inner dividing systems 〉 AMBIA-LINE for LEGRABOX | MERIVOBOX Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Organisation at its best Drawer High fronted pull-out Inner dividing systems Steel design Wood design AMBIA-LINE drawer frames can be enhanced by using foil | film dispensers and a knife holder. Steel design Wood design The Blum plate holder and spice holder fit per- fectly with AMBIA-LINE in steel and wood. The elegant inner dividing system carries the minimalist design through to interiors and beautifully organises furniture throughout the home. The frames can easily be positioned wherev- er required and are available in high-quality materials such as coated steel and selected wood décors. Well-thought-out kitchen accessories such as the spice and plate holder round off this compact range.