Blum catalogue and technical manual

590 E-SERVICES and assembly devices Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 E-SERVICES Drilling and insertion machines Assembly devices Templates 8 Our wide range of drilling and inser- tion machines are well equipped to deal with any assembly situation. Use our templates to ensure accu- rate assembly of our products. With the E-SERVICES from Blum we can support you online, at any time and anywhere. Our services are geared directly towards your day-to-day work. But every service helps you to achieve the desired results more quickly and efficiently. Our assembly devices help to en- sure the precise assembly of Blum box systems. At Blum, we want to make the assembly of our products as easy and efficient as possi- ble because perfect motion requires precise assembly. Our E-SERVICES and assembly devices pro- vide you with optimal support in the planning and assembly of our products: due to their ease of use, high user-friendliness and high durability. In addition, our E-SERVICES are available to you at all times and free of charge. We place great value on safety – our assembly devices are tested and thus correspond to the highest safety requirements.