Blum catalogue and technical manual

628 E-SERVICES and assembly devices 〉 Drilling and insertion machines 〉 Basic machine Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 MINIPRESS P Order information Accessories Rulers Description Length (mm) Calibration (mm) Part no. Application H11 Extension ruler symmetrical 1250 300–1550 ¹ MZL.1250 Extension for standard ruler H12 Extension ruler symmetrical 1250 1550–2800 ¹ MZL.2500 Extension for extension ruler Description Part no. H14 Swivel stop ¹ MZS.1000 Symmetrical H15 Narrow swivel stop for positioning between others, left hand ¹ MZS.2000 H16 Narrow swivel stop for positioning between others, right ¹ MZS.2000 H17 Centre marking stop MZR.1000 H18 Centre marking stop laser MZR.5300.02 H19 MINIPRESS dual application MZR.2000 H20 Locking device (16 mm ruler adjustment) MZE.1300 ¹ MINIPRESS P with EASYSTICK requires no rulers or swivel stops General Description Part no. I3 Quick connect chuck set (5 pcs. chuck, sleeve, cover), right and left MZF.1000.01 I8 Quick connect chuck and sleeve, left hand MZF.1010 I9 Quick connect chuck and sleeve, right hand MZF.1020 I10 Quick connect sleeve MZF.1030 I11 Quick connect chuck cover MZF.1050 I12 Locking device for MZK.1900 | MZK.8800 | MZK.190S | MZK.880S MZK.1120 I13 Drilling head connector for quick connect chuck MZK.1900 | MZK.8800 | MZK.190S | MZK.880S MZK.1130 I14 Drilling depth stop for MINIPRESS P | M 2010 and later M30.1304.02 I15 Retro fit kit for drilling head MINIPRESS P | M earlier than 2010 M30.1313.UM I16 Position indicator for MINIPRESS P (digital drilling offset stop) MZE.2110 I17 Hold down clamp (pneumatic) left/right M53.0720 I18 Work table for MINIPRESS P MZA.5300 I21 Tool holder M51.0802 I22 Set-up plan rack M54.2117 Reference pages Overview 605 Overview – assembly possibilities 606 Assembly possibilities 634 Accessories – EASYSTICK 640 Accessories – insertion rams 642 Accessories – drill bit 642 E-SERVICES and assembly devices