Blum catalogue and technical manual

① ② ③ Your shortcut to the Internet Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Example Example Example We have linked our catalogue with our online world, making comprehensive and up-to-date product information available for you to use at any time. You are just one step away from the product page in the catalogue to our E-SERVICES . You can use the web codes to go straight to the respective product in the Product Configurator. This ensures that you will quickly and easily receive planning information and checked parts lists for your direct order from the distributor, as well as so much more. You will find short URLs and QR codes for our products in the catalogue. These will take you directly to our detailed digital information, e.g. the Design Selector, information about assembly, removal and adjustment, application videos and/or the Machinery Directive. The short web address makes it easier for you to ac- cess further product information, such as installation instructions that you can print out, brochures and technical data. Directly access information about assembly and in- depth content about Blum products via the QR code – even when on-site with the customer. Web code Short URL Web code DQBQ2M Short URL Help with planning and ordering Short URL QR code Application video Short URL Enter the web codes into the Blum Product Con- figurator and you will receive information about the available product range, assembly and marketing along with the parts list. ② Configure fitting Using the web codes, the most important filters are already pre-set in the Product Configurator – you can configure the complete application in just a few clicks. ③ Display the parts list When complete, you receive a finished parts list and can transmit it to the web shop of a selected distribu- tor in just one click. ① Enter or click the web code Enter the web code in the Blum Product Configurator or click the web code in the PDF.