Blum Catalogue V5 EN

Ø 10+ 0.1* ̶ 0.1 1 2 3 585 Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Fixing system for thin fronts – EXPANDO T Planning Area of application – EXPANDO T EXPANDO T is suitable for fixing Blum fit tings to thin front materials in furniture manufacturing With suf ficient stability and strength, front materials of 8 mm thickness and above may be used Area of application and assembly recommendation Materials tested by Blum Transverse tensile strength (N/mm²) Min. tightening torque (Nm) Chipboard > 0.40 1.5 MDF > 0.60 1.5 HDF 2 HPL 2 Mineral composites 2 Nero Assoluto natural granite stone 3 Quar tz composite ar tificial stone 3 Ceramic plates 3 Drilling depth | screw selection – EXPANDO T Screws with M4 thread have to be used for EXPANDO T single The lowest possible drilling depth should be selected for the single dowel, depending on the screw length BT Drilling depth ES Screw penetration depth ES min. = 4 mm ES max. = BT – 0.5 mm * Stone and ceramic +0.2/– 0.1 mm Assembly – EXPANDO T Limitation of liability Blum accepts no liability for the use of EXPANDO T in combination with materials not listed or fit tings from other manufacturers It is recommended that the assembly be carried out by an experienced furniture manufacturer Reference pages Over view – AVENTOS HS 31 Over view – AVENTOS HL 37 Over view – AVENTOS HK top 43 Over view – CLIP top BLUMOTION | CLIP top – hinges 71 Over view – LEGRABOX 191 Over view – MERIVOBOX 257 Front /base stabiliser for thin fronts 239 Assembly, removal and adjustment Short URL More on our new EXPANDO T fixing system Short URL Further products 〉 Fixing systems Fur ther products