Blum Catalogue V5 EN

156 Hinge systems 〉 BLUMOTION for doors Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Closing doors – silent and effortless The adaptive damping system – controlling perfect motion This is how the adaptive damping system works Slow closing speed The braking element expands slightly. The medium can flow by without much resistance. ▬ Weak effect Fast closing speed The braking element expands. The medium can only flow by slowly. ▬ Strong effect Closing speed that is too fast The overload safety feature kicks in. ▬ Protects BLUMOTION and hinges Hinge systems Exceptional comfor t through a highly adaptive system. This is all thanks to the intelligent technology of the BLUMOTION adaptive system. It reacts to key factors such as door height, front weight and closing speed. And brakes the motion of the front accordingly. The result is a silent and effor tless closing motion. A look behind the scenes of the BLUMOTION adaptive system. With BLUMOTION, the adaptive dampening system, furniture closes silently and effor tlessly, and this is irrespective of the force used or the weight of the door. Whether in the kitchen, hall, bathroom, living room or bedroom – with intelligent BLUMOTION technology, every door moves elegantly and ensures ultimate quality of motion.. ▬ The adaptive system adjusts itself to the closing speed and the weight of the door ▬ Versions available for nearly all overlay applications ▬ Can be installed at any time during the production and sales process ▬ Its integrated overload safety feature protects the system from damage due to improper use