Blum Catalogue V5 EN

163 Hinge systems 〉 BLUMOTION for doors 〉 BLUMOTION 971A – in adapter plate for overlay application Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Planning Construction height 25 mm Construction height 33 mm Assembly position and number required ■ BLUMOTION 971Axxxx ● Hinges Over view – BLUMOTION for doors 157 Over view – assembly devices 591 More technical details 698 For all hinges with a straight hinge arm and a 0 mm raised mounting plate. Exception: 95° profile door hinge For all hinges with a straight hinge and a 3 mm spaced mounting plate. Use also for 95° profile door hinge with 0mm spaced plate. For optimal BLUMOTION ef fect, BLUMOTION 971A should be at tached to the centre between the hinges. For high and heavy doors, we recommend using an additional BLUMOTION 971A between an additional hinge pair. Any depth adjustment made to the hinge arm should be mirrored on the 971A, this is easily acheived via a spiral screw depth adjustment feature (+3 to –7 mm). Reference pages Assembly, removal and adjustment Short URL Hinge systems