Blum Catalogue 2022-2023 EN V3

30 Lift systems 〉 AVENTOS HS – up and over lift system Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Ease of use and design options Other advantages that will inspire both you and your customers Excellent durability The core element of the lif t mechanism is a robust spring package. The result: excellent durability No protruding parts Removable lever arm – an advantage for furniture manufacturing and kitchen installation AVENTOS HS provides ease of use that inspires. Even heavy fronts are easy to open thanks to the light operating forces Thanks to SERVO-DRIVE, wall cabinet fronts open at a single touch. The press of a switch is all you need for a sof t close The cover cap is available in silk white, light grey and dark grey Cornice and crown moulding You can easily combine cabinets with cornice or crown moulding with AVENTOS HS. This provides more design freedom for furniture planning The up and over lift system for a smooth glide AVENTOS HS can be used with EXPANDO T for thin fronts measuring 8 mm or more Lif t systems Wall cabinet fronts equipped with AVENTOS HS swing up and over the cabinet, making it ideal for large fronts. The up and over lif t system is also the per fect choice for cabinets with cornices. ▬ Sof t and effor tless closing thanks to BLUMOTION ▬ Easy to open ▬ Holds in any position ▬ Provides excellent access to the cabinet interior ▬ Suitable for wall cabinets with cornice or crown moulding ▬ Small range, huge application variety ▬ Easy assembly and adjustment ▬ Stability, even with wide fronts ▬ Excellent durability ▬ No protruding par ts ▬ Optional: SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS, the electrical motion suppor t system for wall cabinets