Blum Catalogue 2022-2023 EN V3

76 Hinge systems 〉 CLIP top BLUMOTION | CLIP top – hinges 〉 Standard application Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Application Order information Overlay application Accessories Note Accessories – general 110° special hinge Web code DQDFAM ▬ Hinge with larger overlay capacity for thick cabinet sides ▬ CLIP top BLUMOTION with integrated BLUMOTION (with deactivation option) ▬ CLIP top with or without closing mechanism (spring) ▬ 110° opening angle ▬ 3-dimensional front adjustment ▬ Convenient spiral-tech depth adjustment ▬ Tool-free door to cabinet assembly and removal ▬ With INSERTA tool-free hinge to door assembly A trial application is recommended when combining CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges and CLIP top hinges with springs on small, light fronts up to 300 mm wide. Combining these is not recommended for wider front widths FB. Boss INSERTA Hinge Spring Colour Part no. CLIP top BLUMOTION ● NI | ONS 73B3590 CLIP top ● NI 73T3590 CLIP top ○ NI 72T3590.TL ● With spring NI Nickel plated ○ Unsprung ONS Onyx black Boss Screw-on Hinge Spring Colour Part no. CLIP top BLUMOTION ● NI | ONS 73B3550 CLIP top ● NI 73T3550 CLIP top ○ NI 72T3550.TL Boss Knock-in Hinge Spring Colour Part no. CLIP top BLUMOTION ● NI 73B3580 CLIP top ● NI 73T3580 Hinge arm cover cap Print | stamp Logo Colour Part no. Plain – NI | ONS 70.1503 Stamped Blum NI | ONS 70.1503.BP Opening angle stop Opening angle Colour Part no. 86° Black 70T3553 TIP-ON for doors Version Spring Part no. Shor t version ○ 956.1004 Extended version ○ 956A1004 Extended version ● 956A1006 ● With spring ○ Unsprung Hinge boss cover cap Hinge Colour Part no. CLIP top BLUMOTION NI | ONS 70T3504 CLIP top NI 70T3504 NI Nickel plated ONS Onyx black Hinge boss spacing Hinge Spacing (mm) Part no. CLIP top BLUMOTION 1.5 70T3507.21 CLIP top 1.5 70T3507.21 Chipboard screws Ø (mm) Length (mm) Part no. 3.5 15 609.1500 3.5 17 609.1700 Insertion ram Colour Material Part no. Orange Nylon MZM.0040 Hinge systems