Blum Blum 카탈로그 및 기술 설명서 2022-2023_ko

396 Box systems 〉 METABOX 〉 Single extension Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Drawer | inner drawer – M Web code Drawer DQCL1A Inner drawer DQCNUM Space requirement NL Nominal length * Inner drawer Order information Drawer Inner drawer Accessories Colour Colour R9001 RAL 9001 cream WGR White grey ▬ Single extension ▬ High impact nylon rollers ▬ Dyn. load bearing 25 kg ▬ BLUMATIC self closing feature ▬ 2-dimensional front adjustment ▬ Can be combined with BLUMOTION for METABOX 320 2a CLIP front fixing bracket Fixing method Part no. EXPANDO ZSF.130E Knock-in ZSF.1300 Screw-on ZSF.1200 Order lef t /right 2b Cover caps for 2a Colour Material Part no. R9001 Nylon ZAA.3700 Order lef t /right Cover caps, plain, star ting at 1000 pcs individually printed Alternative to 2a 2c Standard front fixing bracket Fixing method Part no. Knock-in ZSF.1800 Screw-on ZSF.1700 Order lef t /right 2d Cover caps for 2c Colour Material Part no. R9001 Nylon 2 x ZAA.3500 Cover caps, plain or printed with Blum logo, star ting at 1000 pcs. individually printed 3 Front fixing for inner drawers Colour Material Part no. R9001 Nylon ZIF.3000 Order lef t /right 6 BLUMOTION for METABOX 320 Colour Material Part no. WGR/R9001 Nylon Z70.0320 Other colours available for latch upon request (white or grey) 1 Cabinet profiles and drawer sides left /right Drawer side height (mm) 86 Colour R9001 Nominal length NL (mm) Version Screw-on version Quick assembly version 270 320M2700C 320M2700C15 350 320M3500C 320M3500C15 400 320M4000C 320M4000C15 450 320M4500C 320M4500C15 500 320M5000C 320M5000C15 550 320M5500C 320M5500C15 Other colours available upon request (white or grey) Box systems