Blum Catalogue V5 EN

164 Hinge systems 〉 BLUMOTION for doors 〉 BLUMOTION 970A – for drilling, hinge side Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 BLUMOTION 970A Order information Planning Drilling distance BA Nº XX Number of the angled application XX Drilling distance BA (mm) Assembly position and number required Over view – BLUMOTION for doors 157 Accessories – straight adapter plates 168 Accessories – cruciform adapter plates 168 Drilling distance BA 165 Assembly Drilling template for BLUMOTION | TIP-ON 666 Template 664 Drilling template for mounting plates 665 MINIPRESS top for EASYSTICK 610 MINIPRESS top 614 MINIPRESS P 626 MINIPRESS M 630 BLUMOTION 970A is for location on the hinge side, and guarantees per fect motion even for angled hinges. The hole for BLUMOTION 970A needs to be drilled into the cabinet top. The correct position is set using the drilling distance (BA). If the BLUMOTION ef fect is insuf ficient, we recommend installing an additional BLUMOTION 970A in the bot tom. Reference pages Assembly, removal and adjustment Short URL ▬ BLUMOTION – per fect movement, quiet and easy ▬ For use with Blum hinges ▬ For drilling or in combination with adapter plates BLUMOTION 970A Colour Material Part no. RAL 7037 dust grey Nylon 970A1002 Hinge systems