Blum Catalogue V5 EN

4 2a 1 2b 2c 3 196 Box systems 〉 LEGRABOX 〉 Standard cabinet Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Drawer – M Web code DQBN9A Space requirement NL Nominal length * Incl. 2 mm tilt adjustment Order information 1 Cabinet profiles left /right Version BLUMOTION S Nominal length NL (mm) Dynamic carrying capacity (kg) 40 70 270 750.2701S 300 750.3001S 350 750.3501S 400 750.4001S 450 750.4501S 753.4501S 500 750.5001S 753.5001S 550 750.5501S 753.5501S 600 750.6001S 753.6001S 650 753.6501S 2 Drawer side set Drawer side height (mm) 90.5 Nominal length NL (mm) Colour SW-M | OG-M | CS -M INGL 270 770M2702S 770M2702I 300 770M3002S 770M3002I 350 770M3502S 770M3502I 400 770M4002S 770M4002I 450 770M4502S 770M4502I 500 770M5002S 770M5002I 550 770M5502S 770M5502I 600 770M6002S 770M6002I 650 770M6502S 770M6502I Consisting of: 2a 1 x Lef t /right drawer sides 2b 2 x Branding element, stamped with Blum logo, star ting at 1000 pcs. individually printed 2c 2 x Cover caps 3 Chipboard back fixings left /right Colour Material Part no. SW-M | OG-M | CS-M | NI Steel ZB7M000S 4 Front fixing bracket Fixing method Part no. EXPANDO 2 x ZF7M70E2 EXPANDO T 2 x ZF7M70T2 Screw-on 2 x ZF7M7002 EXPANDO T suitable for thin fronts – see reference pages Colour Colour SW-M Silk white mat t INGL Stainless steel Anti-fingerprint OG-M Orion grey mat t NI Nickel plated CS-M Carbon black mat t Accessories – Chipboard screws Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Part no. Ø 3.5 15.0 609.1500 17.0 609.1700 For front fixing We recommend chipboard screws Ø 4 x 15 mm for connecting the cabinet profile to the cabinet – Fixing screw (flat headed screw) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Part no. Ø 4.0 15.0 61D.1500 For the connection of chipboard back fixings with chipboard back and drawer side with drawer bases In order to achieve optimal assembly, we recommend that you use flat headed screws for the chipboard back and drawer side – System screw Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Part no. Ø 6.0 14.5 661.1450.HG For connecting the cabinet profile to the cabinet Box systems ▬ Suitable for LEGRABOX pure and LEGRABOX free ▬ Steel drawer side and stainless steel ▬ Straight interior and exterior ▬ Slim drawer side 12.8 mm ▬ Synchronised feather-light glide ▬ Includes integrated, switchable BLUMOTION S damping ef fect for sof t and ef for tless closing, and can be combined with SERVO -DRIVE or TIP-ON BLUMOTION ▬ Tool-free front assembly ▬ Three-dimensional front adjustment in the drawer side