Blum Catalogue V5 EN

39 Lift systems 〉 AVENTOS HL – lift up 〉 Standard | SERVO-DRIVE Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 Wooden fronts, wide and narrow alu frames Web code DQDB2M Order information 7 24 W SERVO -DRIVE power supply unit Language package Part no. Language package Part no. A Z10NE030A F Z10NE030F B Z10NE030B G Z10NE030G C Z10NE030C H Z10NE030H D Z10NE030D J Z10NE030J E Z10NE030E Incl. operating and installation instructions Without flex Language package – operating and installation instructions A DE | EN | FR | IT | NL F BG | ET | LT | LV | RO | RU B DA | EN | FI | NO | SV G EN | ES | FR C EL | EN | HR | SL | SR | TR H EN | ZH D EN | ES | FR | IT | PT J JA E CS | HU | PL | SK Language descriptions as per ISO-639 9 Flex Market Part no. Market Part no. AR Z10M200A JP Z10M200J UK Z10M200B AU Z10M200K CH Z10M200C CL Z10M200L DK Z10M200D CN Z10M200N Europe Z10M200E BR Z10M200S.01 Europe ¹ Z10M200E.OS TW Z10M200T IN Z10M200H US | CA Z10M200U IL Z10M200I ZA Z10M200Z Length 2 m, incl. plug ¹ Without plug Alternative to 7 | 8 | 9 – 12 W SERVO -DRIVE plug-in power supply unit Only suitable for one drive unit Network adapter Language package Part no. Network adapter Language package Part no. E A ☎ Z10NA30EAF E F ☎ Z10NA30EFF E B ☎ Z10NA30EBF B A ☎ Z10NA30BAF E C ☎ Z10NA30ECF K D ☎ Z10NA30KDF E D ☎ Z10NA30EDF U G ☎ Z10NA30UGF E E ☎ Z10NA30EEF Network adapter ¹ E B K U Consisting of: – 1 x 12 W SERVO-DRIVE plug-in power supply unit Incl. cable, 1120 mm (with SERVO-DRIVE distribution cable extendible to max. 2000 mm) Other combinations available upon request ¹ See the Information chapter for a detailed market list Accessories Colour Colour HGR Light grey WGR White grey SW Silk white S Black TGR Dark grey W White R7037 RAL 7037 dust grey IN-G In-mould brushed stainless steel Reference pages Over view – AVENTOS HL 37 Fixing system for thin fronts – EXPANDO T 584 Assembly recommendation and limitation of liability – EXPANDO T 585 Accessories – general 66 Planning 40 Planning – Blum distance bumper 41 SERVO-DRIVE switch 41 SERVO-DRIVE uno – market list 718 Over view – assembly devices 591 Reference values for front weight FG (kg) 704 Machine directive 701 More technical details 698 Assembly, removal and adjustment Short URL 6 SERVO -DRIVE set Colour Material Part no. R7037 Nylon 21FA000 Consisting of: 6a 1 x Drive unit 6b 1 x SERVO-DRIVE distribution cable, 1500 mm 6c 1 x Connecting node 6d 2 x Cable end protector We recommend one SERVO-DRIVE drive unit per set for connected fronts! 8 Power supply unit housing Colour Material Part no. WGR Nylon Z10NG120 For 24 W SERVO-DRIVE power supply unit – SERVO -DRIVE distribution cable and cable end protector Colour Length (m) Part no. S 8 Z10K800AE Consisting of: 6b 1 x SERVO-DRIVE distribution cable 6d 5 x Cable end protector For cut ting to size Can be used as a SERVO-DRIVE distribution cable – Connecting node and cable end protector Colour Material Part no. S Nylon Z10V100E.01 Consisting of: 6c 1 x Connecting node 6d 2 x Cable end protector Tool-free assembly – Cable holder Colour Material Part no. W Nylon Z10K0009 E.g. for fixing the SERVO-DRIVE distribution cable Lif t systems