Blum Catalogue V5 EN

= = 50 Lift systems 〉 AVENTOS HK top – stay lift 〉 TIP-ON Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 TIP-ON 956. – short version with magnet Order information Planning () Screw-on catch plate Screw-on catch plate Glue -on catch plate FAu FAu Bot tom front overlay * 3 mm of fset installation FAu Bot tom front overlay Reference pages Over view – AVENTOS HK top 43 Assembly Drilling template for BLUMOTION | TIP-ON 666 Positioning template for catch plate 687 MINIPRESS top for EASYSTICK 610 MINIPRESS top 614 Assembly, removal and adjustment Short URL ▬ For stay lif ts up to a height of 600 mm ▬ For drilling or in combination with adapter plates ▬ Output path approx. 17 mm ▬ Set ting +4/–1 mm Colour Material Part no. SW | R7036 | CS Nylon 956.1004 Consisting of: 1 x TIP-ON 956. – shor t version with magnet 1 x Screw-on catch plate 1 x Glue-on catch plate Not suitable for powder-coated, waxed or oiled sur faces Colour SW Silk white R7036 RAL 7036 platinum grey CS Carbon black Lif t systems