Blum Catalogue 2022-2023 EN_V4

9 12 a 17a 17b 14 11 17d 17c 15a 12 a 11b 13 1 21 566 Motion technologies 〉 SERVO-DRIVE single applications 〉 SERVO-DRIVE flex Catalogue 2022/2023 • KA-150 SERVO -DRIVE flex for refrigerators and freezers – recess height NH ≥ 1700 mm Web code DQBQ2P Order information 17 SERVO -DRIVE flex set Colour Part no. R7035 2 x Z10C500A Composed of: 9 1 x Drive unit 17a 2 x Mounting plate 17b 2 x Front fixing 17c 1 x Front cover 17d 1 x Catch plate 1 2 x Blum distance bumper 12a 1 x Connecting node 11b 2 x Cable end protector – 11 x Chipboard screws – 1 x Assembly jig 11 SERVO -DRIVE distribution cable Colour Length (mm) Part no. S 3000 Z10K300A For cut ting to size 12 Connecting node and cable end protector Colour Material Part no. S Nylon 3 x Z10V100E.01 Composed of: 12a 1 x Connecting node 11b 2 x Cable end protector 13 24 W SERVO -DRIVE power supply unit Language package Part no. Language package Part no. A Z10NE030A F Z10NE030F B Z10NE030B G Z10NE030G C Z10NE030C H Z10NE030H D Z10NE030D J Z10NE030J E Z10NE030E Required for t wo or more drive units Incl. operating and installation instructions Without flex Language package – operating and installation instructions A DE | EN | FR | IT | NL F BG | ET | LT | LV | RO | RU B DA | EN | FI | NO | SV G EN | ES | FR C EL | EN | HR | SL | SR | TR H EN | ZH D EN | ES | FR | IT | PT J JA E CS | HU | PL | SK Language descriptions as per ISO-639 14 Flex Market Part no. Market Part no. AR Z10M200A JP Z10M200J UK Z10M200B AU Z10M200K CH Z10M200C CL Z10M200L DK Z10M200D CN Z10M200N Europe Z10M200E BR Z10M200S.01 Europe ¹ Z10M200E.OS TW Z10M200T IN Z10M200H US | CA Z10M200U IL Z10M200I ZA Z10M200Z Length 2 m, incl. plug ¹ Without plug 15a Power supply unit housing Base fixing Colour Material Part no. R7037 Nylon Z10NG000 Incl. cover For 24 W SERVO-DRIVE power supply unit Alternative to 15a 15b Power supply unit housing Panel fixing Colour Material Part no. WGR Nylon Z10NG120 For 24 W SERVO-DRIVE power supply unit 21 Synchronisation cable Colour Length (mm) Part no. R7035 3000 Z10K300A For cut ting to size Connects t wo drive units that need to activate simultaneously Accessories – Cable holder Colour Material Part no. W Nylon Z10K0009 E.g. for fixing the SERVO-DRIVE distribution cable Colour Colour R7035 RAL 7035 light grey W White R7037 RAL 7037 dust grey WGR White grey S Black Motion technologies ▬ Can be used for all standard built-in refrigerators and freezers ▬ Recess height NH ≥ 1700 mm ▬ Low recess height NH for drive unit of min. 60 mm ▬ Adaptive system ▬ Automatic self-closing system for unintentional opening ▬ Lean protection feature ▬ Trigger safety ▬ Easy assembly and installation ▬ Not suitable for: refrigerators and freezers without own cabinet; freezers with base unit (recess height NH ≥ 1700 mm); refrigerated pull-outs